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When creative designers and skilled glass craftsmen work together, a stunning wine glass must be born in the world. After countless revisions, the shark wine glass is presented in perfection.

Shake the wine glass gently to keep the shark smooth as wine. Taste wine carefully and enjoy this incredible moment. You will feel entirely relaxed and inspired. It’s time to turn your dreams into a reality.


Show Your Love

Present the unique gift for your lover, family or friends. Make them feel special and loved.


Fill with Surprise and Fun

Dine together with friends or family is really cheerful and enjoyable. Especially, you make a wonderful party and time.


Relieve Stress and Tension.

Sipping a glass of wine in leisure time is the best part of life. We all need our own time.

Let the SHARK swim around the world

Since BTS Design team has developed the concept of the shark wine glass, it took us one year looking for a high-quality manufacturer to bring our idea into reality. After more than hundreds of failures, we lastly launched the shark wine glass in 2019.

By the hands of Taiwanese glass-making craftsmen, with the technic forgotten long ago and a long unbearable wait. You can finally enjoy beautiful wines with the shark wine glass.

Original Design


high quality




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Shark Wine Glass (C-Version, 2 wine glasses as a set)

The wine glass is completely made of glass and manufactured in Taiwan. The combination of creative ideas and glass handcrafts becomes a new form of wine glass. We make high quality and perfect handcrafted wine glass for you. It’s truly a work of art.

(Made in Taiwan)


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Shark Wine Glass (E-Version, 2 wine glasses as a set)

The shark wine glass is made of glass and pc and manufactures in Taiwan. The combination of creative concepts and glass handcrafts becomes a new form of wine glass. The shark body has more sharply pointed features, such as conical snout and dorsal fins. It’s a new type of wine glass.

(Made in Taiwan)


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