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shark wine glass

This concept is designed and created by the designer of BTS Design Co., Ltd. We didn’t cooperate with any corporation, organization, workshop or other third parties. Intellectual property, copyright and pattern belong to BTS Design Co., Ltd., and BTS Design Co., Ltd. only.

We are very happy so many people like our concept and keep sharing it. It makes more people support us. Because of all your support, it makes us keep ongoing. It’s been a year we keep trying to bring this concept to reality. Now, the shark wine glass will soon be able to share our beautiful moments and taste wine with us.  

If you want to share this shark wine glass, it’s more than welcome to share this information on your website, blog or social media. But, please don’t forget to cite the source for protecting our product and designer’s hard work. We found our design and pictures are being used without citing the source, even copy our design and selling it publicly. Our lawyer has taken further legal action against these cases. We believe the more people care about original design and copyrights, the more unique idea and products will enrich our lives.

Again, we appreciate you like our product, it will be ready to launch very soon!! You are more than welcome to share our product information or even enjoy wine with our shark wine glass in the future. Thank you.

BTS Design Co., Ltd.

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