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How to Choose Your Favorite Wine Glass

Thank you, friends, for supporting our shark wine glass in the past. The shark wine glass presented by BTS Design is currently available in two styles–

Originally, we would like to have the cup made of crystal glass, including the shark. One of them presented to everyone at present is exactly the classic style that you can hardly bear to put it down.

The glass looks so beautiful. However, plastic can also be very delicate with the advancement of technology. Therefore, we also designed the other style which is same as the classic one except the part of shark made from plastic instead of crystal glass.

Combining creativity and aesthetic feeling, evaluating convenience and safety, We has always considered carefully all your needs.

Since the beginning of this year, the COVID-19 outbreak has spread around the world. Because of logistics control, the shark cups ordered by some friends did not be delivered to you on time. However, with the epidemic has been ebbing, we will make every effort to improve the logistics so that every friend who loves the shark wine glass can quickly get it.

Thanks again for your encouragement from every friend. Following the shark wine glass, the second product of BTS Design is already under development. We solicit a continuance of your support.

Your affirmation will give us the strength of keeping breakthrough.

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