The Tradition And Innovation Of Taiwan Glass Industry

The Tradition and Innovation Of Taiwan Glass Industry

Taiwan is small but rich in products. For example, the Hsinchu area holds the natural gas reserves and its suburbs is abundant in silica sand, which promoted the development of glass industry in the 20th century.

In the beginning, silica sand was made into the glass of household use and lighting, then further developed into the Christmas bulbs and crafts. That pushed the whole glass industry in Taiwan to reach the peak between the 50s and 70s. Until 1980, starting to collaborate with the Hsinchu Science Park, the glass industry expanded the application of glass to high-tech products, and had developed the nano glass and microcrystalline glass. Besides, after continuously tried in recent years, a large number of recycled glass containers have also been turned into glassphalt, glass stone etc., which attempts to do something for environmental protection.

Both tradition and innovation have been driving the pace of Taiwan’s glass industry.

On the basis of those, BDS Design, hiring the experienced old Hsinchu craftsmen, combines the strengths of traditional glass industry and the cultural heritage of old craftsmen with its own continuously innovative spirit to integrate the tradition into modern life and create the patented shark wine glass.

Purely handmade shark wine glass, making each shark unique, is dedicated to you who are one of a kind!

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