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Product Information

Name of the product: Shark Wine Glass (E-Version)
Serial number: G019002
Product dimensions: 225 * 90 mm
Package dimensions: 250 * 100 * 280 mm
Gross weight: 135 g
Material: glass, PC, resin
Place of origin: Taiwan
Volume: 475 ml
Design by: BTS Design Co. Ltd.


  1. Suitable temperature : 0°C ~ 50°C (32°F ~ 122°F)
  2. This product is for beverage contacting
  3. This product is a product of glass and plastic, serve for repetitive usage. This product is made for cold drinks, please do not contain hot drinks. Please do not put into the freezer, a large temperature gap may cause cracks or even break the products.
  4. Please check every time before you use it. If there is a crack on the product, please do not use it. It might cause injury.
  5. Because of the special design and the materials of this product. It is fragile. please avoid striking it. Please avoid putting solid or hard materials into the glass (including ice cubes). Please avoid striking or hitting. If there is a crack on the product, please do not use it. It might cause injury.
  6. Please do not use it in moving or unstable environments, including vehicles or transportations. The product might be easily broken or even cause injury.
  7. Please avoid stirring or hitting the product with any solid tools or hard materials. It may cause cracks or even break the product.
  8. Please use a neutral cleaning agent/ detergent or water only. To avoid causing any crack or damage, please do not use any tool when washing.
  9. Please do not put this product into the following machines, microwave, dishwashing machine, or oven.
  10. This product is handcrafted, each glass has slight differences. This product is handcrafted, every glass has slight differences. It is normal if there are very few bubbles caused by the process of production.
  11. Product photos are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product received.
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