shark wine glass idea & concept

About us

“BTS Lifestyle” is a story that starts from a shark wine glass.

Originally specializing in customized website design, e-commerce, and system integration development. The company, Break Through Software Design (BTS Design), strides to break through its original vision and expands the application of design to the field of creating a high quality of life in 2020.

Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design, we have cooperated with glass craftsmen from Taiwan to handcraft the first shark wine glass with a transparent, delicate, and perfect texture. Besides, we set up a brand new design brand for life, BTS Lifestyle, expected to take advantage of the crafts with unique creativity to create a kind of lifestyle with both fun and texture.

BTS Lifestyle, it represents the spirit of keeping breakthrough that “Break Through Software Design (BTS Design)” has been insisting on. We not only apply innovations to the virtual network world but moreover, we want to break through the real-life by design. “BTS Lifestyle” brings the spirit of breakthrough to your life.

An elegant design will make each ordinary day filled with a sense of ritual and make every day of your life plenty of vitality.

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